Bienvenidos a la Asamblea

Welcome to the website for the First International Assembly for Community Development Across Borders to be held in the Zapotec community of San Antonio Cuajimoloyas in the Sierra Norte Region of the State of Oaxaca from August 2nd to the 5th, 2018. The intention of this International “Asamblea” is to bring people together from around the world who are interested in sharing their knowledge, sus conocimientos, experiences and ideas. With this first Asamblea we hope to start creating strong international communities that can better prepare us to face the social, political, economic, and educational challenges of the 21st century.

The 1st International Assembly will be held in the Zapotec community of San Antonio Cuajimoloyas, located in the Sierra Norte of the state of Oaxaca, only an hour and thirty minutes away from the city of Oaxaca. Cuajimoloyas is part of the Pueblos Mancomunados, a group of eight Indigenous communities in the Sierra Norte that have worked together to preserve and protect their territories. This assembly is organized by Ollin Tlahtoalli: Centro de Lenguas y Cultura Mexicana a.c. and the University of Washington in Seattle, WA in collaboration with Expediciones Sierra Norte, an Indigenous Ecotourism Group owned and operated by Pueblos Mancomunados.


Themes for our first International Assembly:


  • Indigenous Knowledge and Western Knowledge
  • Indigenous Peoples and Stories of Resistance
  • Indigenous Education in the Neocolonial Context: What Can Organized Communities Do?
  • The Construction of Identities and the Geopolitics of Power: Challenging Imposed and Fixed Identities
  • Food and its role in the construction – and deconstruction – of communities: Conversations Around Food and in Community
  • Reading Nature: Understanding Land and its Medicine
  • Youth Empowerment: Creating Spaces for the Voices of Youth to be Heard
  • Land Rights, Human Rights, Whose Rights? Understanding the Colonial Legacy and its Impact on Land Ownership and Land Exploitation
  • Community Based Projects: Sharing Stories with the Communities
  • Life Plenaries: The Stories of Our People
  • Resilience or Resistencia?  Sharing Stories of Success in Community Development
  • Art and Resistance: Creating Stories Everyone Can Read
  • Migrants and their Fight for Basic Human Rights
  • What is the Next Step? Collecting Experiences and Planning for the Future

Eustorgio Martinez from Cuajimoloyas Oaxaca from Núñez M. on Vimeo.